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Inspiring and advising on the use of AI in game, film, media, communication and marketing contexts.

"AI offers interesting opportunities for optimizing workflows"

The AI-UPD8 project is a co-operation between the “DAE Research” and “Business and Media” research groups of Howest. The goal of this project is to continue being a living knowledge and expertise center for questions from Flemish organizations on the use of AI in game, film, media, communication and marketing contexts. Our intention with this projects is to inspire, to advise, and in specific cases even to help guide implementation. This results in a series of talks, webinars, practical experiments, workshops and in-person meetups, as well as a living database with a curated overview of innovative technology and tools organized by specific use case and with the required information to make informed decissions regarding adoption and integration.


Flanders AI Forum

Gent ICC, Gent, Belgium
Want to know what the researchers of the Flemish colleges are up to in the field of AI? Then be sure to come to Ghent on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. During the third edition of the Flanders AI Forum, the researchers will tell all about their fresh ideas for your organization during an interesting ‘Together to the future: practical AI applications for enterprises in collaboration with Flemish Colleges and Voka’. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

AI in Digital Arts, Game Dev & Entertainment #2

Hangar K, Kortrijk, Belgium
A series of AI in Digital Arts, Game Dev & Entertainment meetups across Flanders supported by DAE Research, Flanders Game Hub & Datameister. Speakers: – Jeff Luyten (Uncanny): AI to enhance digital creativity – Thomas Valcke (Howest/ATOHMS): The many benefits of AI in product design – Dylan De Waele (Howest DAE Research): Immersive Live Visuals – Hannes Coudenys (Hurae): The Story of AI-generated virtual influencer “Bobbi Lee”

Private AI

Howest, Campus Kortrijk Weide – The Penta Sint-Martens-Latemlaan 1B · Kortrijk, Belgium
Private AI will dive into the added value, implementation & ethics of private LLMs for your company. During this event we want to immerse you in the world of language models to inspire you about how you can ethically set up these AI models in-house and link your own data to them to maximize the possible economic impact of this technology.