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Flanders AI Forum

Gent ICC, Gent, Belgium
Want to know what the researchers of the Flemish colleges are up to in the field of AI? Then be sure to come to Ghent on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. During the third edition of the Flanders AI Forum, the researchers will tell all about their fresh ideas for your organization during an interesting ‘Together to the future: practical AI applications for enterprises in collaboration with Flemish Colleges and Voka’. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Testerep @ DOCVILLE

Cinema ZED Vesalius, Leuven, Belgium
Due to the great success of the opening evening, Testerep & Coral City will be shown repeatedly at the festival, on Thursday 28.03 (at 7.30 pm) in Cinema ZED Vesalius. A team of scientists investigates the missing island of Testerep on the Belgian coast. As the scientists try to unravel the mysteries of the island, they ponder the symbiotic relationship between people, technology and our temporal landscape.

Let’s talk Reality

The Penta, Kortrijk, Belgium
Let’s Talk Reality gathers speakers from both industry and academia, who will share the latest insights on “all things reality”. And of course, you’ll get to experience some extended reality applications yourself. You will walk away with tons of inspiration on AR/VR/MR, contemplating the many possibilities of these technologies for your own business or practice. And as always, there will be time to connect with old and new friends.

Opening night Scienceville

Kinepolis, Leuven, Belgium
For the second year in a row, ScienceVille presents recent scientific documentaries that really must be seen. There are also panel discussions, workshops, debates, ScienceVille for Kids, the award for Best Scientific Documentary and the visit of Nobel Prize winner Prof. Kip Thorne. Opening ScienceVille, supervised by Jacotte Brokken, is three short documentaries, two of which were produced by the festival itself.


LandMarck, Weggevoerdenlaan 5, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium
FTR CONF focuses on the future of work and the blurring boundaries between home and office. During this event, visionaries share their perspectives on the future workplace, highlighting the impact of technologies such as gaming technology and the Apple Vision Pro. It also looks at the role of self-driving cars in work life and Gen Z’s changing views on work. This event offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into how the workplace will evolve in light of technological and societal changes.

VLIZ Marine Science Day 2024

De Grote Post, Oostende, Belgium
This year’s VLIZ Marine Science Day dedicated to the EU Mission Ocean and framed withing the Belgian EU Presidency and the UN Ocean Decade. This edition of the VLIZ Marine Science Day will be a very special one, as VMSD 2024 formally frames the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union. This European and international dimension is reflected in the overarching themes of the day: this edition will be firmly rooted in the EU Mission Ocean and the global perspective of the UN Ocean Decade. Renowned personalities such as Mission Ocean co-lead John Bell and esteemed diver-explorer Paul Rose will deliver keynote speeches, setting the stage for a diverse program encompassing interactive sessions, presentations, and poster sessions. Covering a wide spectrum of topics – from marine biology to cutting-edge marine technology and policy – interactive and immersive sessions will offer valuable insights and foster meaningful exchanges. Participants from academia, government agencies, non-profit organizations, industry, and the public sector will have ample opportunities to engage, learn, and contribute to the goals of Mission Ocean and the UN Ocean Decade.


– 14/10/2023
Nelson Mandelaplein 2, Kortrijk, Belgium
The UNWRAP Industry Days bring together professionals in the game, music, film and media industry. The Digital Entertainment Conference showcases the latest trends in games, music, film, media and -moreover- the untapped potential of their crossovers. The career fair connects job seekers with companies on the look-out for skills, while networking events are the seed of awesome collaborations. Add afterparties and concerts to that mix and you’ll have the ideal setting for industry professionals to unwind while working hard on their future projects.

Good Governance and Law in Sport

– 18/11/2022
Hall O, Lunex University, Differdange, Luxemburg
The business of sport is always evolving, confronting sports organisations with new challenges every day. To cope with these challenges, further development of the roles of sport managers is greatly needed. To meet this need, LUNEX is actively working on ongoing research projects in the field of sport, which includes a significant European project: Sport Good Governance Game (SG3). Supported by the UNESCO Chair, the Good Governance and Law in Sport Conference helps different sports organisations and governmental agencies, by providing clarity on sports governance and the legal environment in both Luxembourg and Europe.

Houdini HIVE Education/Studio edition

Join us at the Houdini HIVE: Education/Studio Edition to hear from leaders at the top schools, who are creating programs to foster high quality, hireable talent – and hear from the studios on what they’re looking for when hiring. The Houdini Education Program is thrilled to support these discussions and the strengthening of relationships between academia and industry.

Touchdesigner meetup 2024

Amaze, Elementenstraat, Amsterdam
y=f(x) invites you to join us for the second edition of the TouchDesigner Amsterdam meetup at Amaze Step into a world of creativity and collaboration at this year’s expanded jam session! Following last year’s success, we’re thrilled to offer even more opportunities for attendees to come together and create magic. Join us as we dive into a day filled with inspiration and innovation, courtesy of Amaze Amsterdam, our gracious hosts for this gathering. Our journey begins at 1:00 PM with captivating talks by some of the brightest minds in the TouchDesigner community. Get ready for insightful presentations, including words from TouchDesigner’s founder and community manager, all in a relaxed setting designed for interaction and questions.

WebAR 101 by Niantic 8th Wall

In The Pocket, Ghent, Belgium
This is a 5-hour workshop hosted by Niantic and our partners Stijn Spanhove and In the Pocket. During the workshop – Participants will learn about the 8th Wall platform, build and customize an 8th Wall project, and meet other local developers. By the end of the workshop, you will learn how to create, customize, test and deploy your own World Effects (SLAM) sample project that looks believable and immersive in the real-world. You will also learn how to easily add modules to their project and other 8th Wall features such as Shared AR Multiplayer, Payments API, and more.

The maturity of 5G: Is it time to talk about 6G?

As the maturity of 5G looms large, the question arises: Is it time to talk about 6G? This event will dive deep into the transformative potential of digital connectivity in live broadcasting and streaming. In this session, industry pioneers will discuss the dynamic landscape of content production and distribution, propelled by 5G technology. What is the potential of connective technology to deliver new experiences to consumers and to transform existing workflows?

VP Gathering ’24

– 04/04/2024
Breda University, The Netherlands
Breda University of Applied Sciences is hosting a series of talks in the field of virtual productions to present the latest innovations in this up-and-coming field and to discuss the advantages and challenges it brings with it. The conference is open to industry, professionals, and students in the field of Film Production, Pre and Post Vis, Volumes, Motion Capture, Special Effects, the usage of Game Technology and everything in between. The conference is a great place to meet employers and experts in the field of production, whilst also helping those who are looking for a new challenge or a change in their career. During the day there will be many networking opportunities. We have tried to create an informal setting in which it is easier to talk with your future employee or future employer.

Private AI

Howest, Campus Kortrijk Weide – The Penta Sint-Martens-Latemlaan 1B · Kortrijk, Belgium
Private AI will dive into the added value, implementation & ethics of private LLMs for your company. During this event we want to immerse you in the world of language models to inspire you about how you can ethically set up these AI models in-house and link your own data to them to maximize the possible economic impact of this technology.

Everything Procedural 2024

– 19/04/2024
Breda University, The Netherlands
From Monday April 15 to Friday April 19 2024 Breda University of Applied Sciences will host the Everything Procedural Conference for a variety of lectures, talks, demonstrations and masterclasses in the field of procedural content generation for games on our beautiful campus. The event offers many opportunities to meet and share knowledge with fellow developers.


Kinepolis, Gent, Belgium
Storycon is a one-day conference organized by the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) that focuses fully on the intricacies and craftsmanship of storytelling across different media forms such as movies, series, video games and podcasts. The aim of the conference is to inspire professional as well as aspiring audiovisual and video game storytellers to reflect on the art of storytelling and to explore different media to express their ideas.


– 22/03/2024
San Francisco, Ca, USA
The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is an annual event held in San Francisco that brings together game developers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, showcase new technologies, and discuss the latest trends in the gaming industry

VP-Days 2024

– 09/02/2024
VP Studio, AED Studios, Lint, Belgium
Join us on February 8 or February 9 and be at the forefront of innovation in the world of Virtual Film Production. The VP-days conference is a chance for you to come and meet industry leaders and experts and explore cutting-edge technologies reshaping the cinematic landscape. From camera tracking to real-time content creation, the dark matter that is Colour Space and shooting car plates, this conference is a comprehensive dive into the exciting world of Virtual Film Production. Discover and experience the latest advancements, engage with industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights into the complexity of creating immersive cinematic experiences in a LED volume. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring filmmaker, this conference covers a wide array of knowledge and expertise, illuminating the path towards the future of filmmaking.


– 27/01/2024
Cannes, France
MIDEM+ is THE event bringing together international music industry leaders, focused on business, innovation, networking and talent discovery. MIDEM+ will host MIDƐM+24 Experience, a leading neutral platform for dialogue, influence, and collaboration on the current and future challenges of the music industry. For this 2024 edition, the objective is to stimulate debate and bring about convergences of views during privileged moments of exchange between political actors and the music industry ecosystem.

Unite 2023

– 16/11/2023
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
For the first time in four years, our popular Unite conference is back, live and in person. Whether you’re new to Unity, a seasoned pro, or just curious about our real-time 3D technology, Unite 2023 will celebrate the vibrant Unity community in all its glory. We have an exciting agenda planned that covers everything games, including our renowned Keynote – full of inspiring content, crowd-pleasing announcements, and walk-ons from people behind some of your favorite games. During the day, there’ll be 30+ deep-dive technical sessions organized into four tracks – Ecosystem, AI, Multiplayer, and Growth. Our team will be spotlighting the latest Unity tools and features, demonstrating timesaving workflows, sharing proven strategies for ensuring game success, and giving you a sneak peek of what’s coming soon. Members of the Unity community, including developers from top studios, will be highlighting how they use Unity to achieve amazing games and experiences and run them on multiple platforms.

Siggraph 2023

– 10/08/2023
Los Angeles Convention Center, LA, USA
Like the Atomic Age of yesterday, the Information Age of today, and the Imagination Age of tomorrow, SIGGRAPH represents a near-perfect timeline of discovery and advancement in the computer graphics world. For 50 years, the conference has ushered in new breakthroughs, bolstered a community of perpetual dreamers, and mapped a future where exponential innovation isn’t just possible — it’s inevitable. With that in mind, SIGGRAPH is more than a passive highlight of yesteryear. It’s a system that transcends time, where energy and inspiration continuously coalesce to drive infinite advancement. Celebrating 50 years of our conference presents the opportunity to recognize 2023 as the Age of SIGGRAPH, a living era in the conference legacy that honors the full chronology of the industry, the community, and the organization — then, now, and far into the future.

FMX 2023

– 27/04/2023
Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart, Germany
Every spring, media creators share insights into the latest creative developments of their productions and present cutting-edge tools and pipelines, fascinating real time technologies and innovative business models as part of the FMX Conference program. Over the years, thousands of speakers have entered the FMX stage to share their insights into the world of animation, effects, interactive and immersive media.

Everything Procedural 2023

Breda University, The Netherlands
Breda University of Applied Sciences is the host of the Everything Procedural Conference. An event for a variety of lectures, talks, demonstrations and masterclasses in the field of procedural content generation for games on our beautiful campus. The event offers many opportunities to meet and share knowledge with fellow developers. The first Everything Procedural Conference took place in 2016. In the years since we have gained strong recognition as a leading conference in the field of procedural content for games.

VP Gathering ’23

Breda University, The Netherlands
The VP Gathering is a conference that brings together professionals and students from the film, television, and video game industries to discuss and showcase the latest developments and technologies related to virtual production. This conference is open to industry professionals, students, and anyone with an interest in the field.

Cultureel erfgoed analyseren met AI

Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België, Brussels, Belgium
During this study day for specialists in cultural heritage, several experts explain how they apply artificial intelligence to analyze cultural heritage and make it accessible. What is possible today, and what does the future hold? Are there dangers? Moderator Bart Magnus from Meemoo will lead the dialogue.

CoG 2021

Online / Copenhagen, Denmark
Games offer a limitless domain for computational creativity, design, technology, education, social sciences, and artificial intelligence. The annual IEEE Conference on Games (CoG) is a unique forum for cutting-edge research related to game technologies and design, covering scientific, technical, social and human aspects of games. CoG was expressly launched to reflect the changing nature of games as technology and media; where concerns merge, overlap, and cross-pollinate. Beginning as an evolution of the Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG) and later joined by the International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications (VS-Games), CoG brings together leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, to share recent advances and co-create future directions. This year’s edition of CoG continues forging the path of attracting an evermore competent and diverse audience. Alongside our traditional types of submission (articles for peer review intended to be included in the conference proceedings), we seek proposals for presentations from both academia and industry in the form of abstracts. Furthermore, it is also possible to apply to present work previously published in the IEEE Transactions on Games journal.

AI Summer School 2021

In 2021, KU Leuven organised the first edition of the Summer School on the Law, Ethics and Policy of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Summer School aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the various legal, ethical and policy-related issues around AI and algorithm-driven processes more broadly. As these technologies have a growing impact on all domains of our lives, it becomes increasingly important to map, understand and assess the challenges and opportunities they raise. This requires an interdisciplinary approach, which is why we are collaborating across faculties and departments to organise this Summer School. The programme’s goal is to offer participants the latest insights on AI from various perspectives, and in particular the fields of law, ethics and policy.

Immersive concert: WITT + Pothamus

AB Club, Brussels, Belgium
AB is building the music club of the future together with PXL-Music and DAE Research. For the WITT and Pothamus concerts, we are installing an immersive audio and video system in our AB Club for the first time. With speakers at the front, back, left, right and at the top of the room, we imitate how we naturally experience sound, namely 360°. We also explore how artists can create visuals for a live set using artificial intelligence. Together with WITT and Pothamus we are creating an exclusive show that fully explores the creative boundaries of immersive audio and video. The result is a rich and intense listening experience.

RideAR and Summer Drinks

Nelson Mandelaplein 17, 8500 Kortrijk
During RideAR the technology of the interactive skate-application will be explained and showcased. Thanks to the support of Skate Vlaanderen, Sport Vlaanderen, Howest, DAE Research, DAE Studios and JC Tranzit we can organize this event and use it as an opportunity to inspire you.

AI in Digital Arts, Game Dev & Entertainment #2

Hangar K, Kortrijk, Belgium
A series of AI in Digital Arts, Game Dev & Entertainment meetups across Flanders supported by DAE Research, Flanders Game Hub & Datameister. Speakers: – Jeff Luyten (Uncanny): AI to enhance digital creativity – Thomas Valcke (Howest/ATOHMS): The many benefits of AI in product design – Dylan De Waele (Howest DAE Research): Immersive Live Visuals – Hannes Coudenys (Hurae): The Story of AI-generated virtual influencer “Bobbi Lee”

Online Webinar: Exploring the intersection of 5G and media innovation

Step into the forefront of innovation with this webinar hosted by the Media XR and 5G Living Lab Project, a collaborative effort between Howest and AP University of Applied Sciences, funded by Flanders innovation & entrepreneurship – VLAIO. Our aim? To showcase the possibilities of new XR content, advertising, and cross-media formats enabled by 5G technology to Flemish (sport) media companies, XR and advertising agencies, event organizers, and telecom operators. Join us and our 5G-expert guest speakers as we explore the convergence of XR and 5G, opening doors to avenues of creativity and connectivity.

AI in Digital Arts, Game Dev & Entertainment #1

The Boldhouse, Gent, Belgium
A series of AI in Digital Arts, Game Dev & Entertainment meetups across Flanders supported by DAE Research, Flanders Game Hub & Datameister. Speakers: – Glenn van Waesberghe (Howest DAE Research): Text-to-Image: Deep Dive – Ruben Verhack (Datameister): AI-Driven Breakthroughs in Image-Based Rendering: Light Fields, SMoE, Gaussian Splatting, NeRFs and beyond – Vince Buyssens (Starhaven). Helping brands align their talent with the transformative power of AI.

AI in Production Closing Event

The Square, Luipaardstraat 12a, Kortrijk, Belgium
This event is the result of TETRA AI in Production, a 2-year research project focusing on how AI can be used in game, VFX and animation production. Our researchers have closely followed the developments of AI over the past 3 years. We are excited to continue sharing this knowledge with our steering committee and with anyone interested in developments in this area!

PROCEDURAL 3D Closing Event

The research group of the Digital Arts & Entertainment (Howest) programme is organising an online closing event on Thursday 9 december as part of their research project on the potential of procedural techniques for the development of 3D content. Together with a number of (international) guest speakers, our researchers explain the possibilities of using procedural 3D in your pipeline. Our guest speakers are known for their use of procedural techniques in the entertainment sector or industry 4.0 and for their extensive knowledge in working with procedural 3D. The program includes: • An overview of the possibilities of procedural techniques for 3D content and how you can set up such a pipeline. • Procedurele workflows for the creation of Digital Twins in Unity3D. • The use of procedural materials in industry and entertainment. • Possibilities of combining procedural techniques and AI. • An overview of how to create soft body simulations.

Scan4Stories Closing Event

De Lovie, Krombeekseweg 82, Poperinge, Belgium
What can storytelling and immersive technology such as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality mean for the heritage sector? The TETRA project Scan4Stories tried to find an answer to this question. During the final event, the findings of the research project will be presented and you will have the opportunity to test out the various prototypes. Are you looking for new ways to tell heritage stories? Are you considering getting started with immersive technology soon? Are you fascinated by the subject but do you still have many questions? Is all this new to you? Then be inspired during the closing event! You will have the opportunity to test practical examples, try prototypes, follow one of the workshops, get in touch with technology partners and exchange ideas during a networking moment.

SIVAR Slotevent

The Level, Kortrijk, Belgium
With this “Sector Innovating Virtual & Augmented Reality” project, partners and external organizations are guided in defining this added value in their current workflow. The project consists of two parts: a first part aimed at developing concrete proofs of concept where VR and AR technology is applied within the industrial sector and a second part aimed at a broader knowledge transfer for partners from other sectors.