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Vicky Vermeulen

Research Manager

With my team we are aiming to help businesses from several sectors innovate with applied multidisciplinary projects, scouting & using the latest trends within entertainment technology.

Sarah Markewich

Project Manager

As project manager, I help coordinate research projects related to how game technologies can innovate your industry or business. With a background in Media and Communication Sciences, I bring a different perspective into the mix.

Jan Pauly

Project Manager

I am the project manager for the research project Virtual Music Experiences. We investigate how (game) tech can be used to enhance existing music experiences or build entirely new ones.


Glenn van Waesberghe


Researcher focussed on updating and optimizing Game and VFX pipelines with innovative technologies like AI, Motion Capture, and Virtual Production.

Joran Meynen


Both a Graphic Designer and 3D artist with an extensive knowledge of game design and gamification.

Ewoud Herregat


All-round IT Engineer with a focus on programming and research.

Sander Casier


I am an environment/tech artist with a love for everything Houdini.

Agathe Boudry


I am interested in combining 3D technology with research and applying it to diverse fields.

Dylan De Waele

Researcher/Developer/ Sound

I combine my skills and knowledge in programming with my passion for audio and music.

Nicholas Lu


I am a gameplay/AI programmer. I have been a long time gamer and would love to give people that same satisfying gameplay that made me fall in love with games.


Elias Lefebre

Sound Intern

I’m a passionate Sound Designer & Audio Programmer. I’m near the end of my academic journey and excited to start working in the industry.