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Packaging tool

Objective: automatically determine which materials are needed for the transport of objects based on a scan of the object.

We made a proof of concept that generates packaging in Houdini automatically and as optimally as possible for the safe transport of fragile objects. We used an online library of scanned models from the Smithsonian museum. For the development of the tool, we based ourselves on the three most comprehensive methods of packaging. Instapak, where an object is surrounded by a foam material, cushion or foam packing, where the objects are cut out of an insulating material, and brace packaging, where the artifacts are held in place by a wooden construction.

The procedural structure of the tool ensures that it can quickly and easily estimate any object that is used as input. With this tool, one can iterate at a glance on the dimensions of possible packaging methods and make a quick estimate of the optimal packaging. The results of the tool could be sent to a CNC milling machine to cut out the necessary planks and foam materials and automate the process.

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