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Innovating Film and VFX workflows through technologies like AI, virtual production, motion capture and photogrammetry.

The OASIS project is a co-operation between DAE Research, VRT, Sputnik, Uncanny and The Pack. Within this project we follow up and experiment with innovative technologies that will help innovate the film and VFX production pipelines.

This includes technologies like motion capture, virtual production, photogrammetry, and a whole host of AI tools. DAE Research’s part in this project is as technology expert, keeping track of these newest innovations, communicating them to the project partners, and giving advice on the different experiments and use cases developed within this project.

These technologies are continually tested in practical tests and workshops, aiming to go beyond the theoretical abilities, and getting to know the exact benefits and flaws of each of these tools, and testing their suitability for use in actual productions.

As part of the OASIS project, each of the project partners also works to develop a creative space. Due to the rapid nature of these technologies, the nature of these spaces has changed during the duration of the project. For DAE, the original intention was a Chromakey/Greenscreen real-time studio. During the duration of the project, this has shifted to a full LED-screen virtual production studio, which will be built in the summer of 2024.

Aside from building up knowledge for the project partners themselves, the goal is also to dissiminate this knowledge more broadly, to help others in this industry innovate and take advantage of tools that may significantly decrease time spent, and enable entirely new use cases.

A trend throughout the project has been the continued merging of the game and VFX industries. Where in the past, each used very different technology and pipelines, these are growing increasingly similar, with the prevolence of real-time render engines like Unreal Engine finding their use in Virtual Production for instance. This also enables cross-media projects, allowing assets created for movies filmed in Unreal to be quickly converted to a game, or vice versa.


VP Gathering ’24

– 04/04/2024
Breda University, The Netherlands
Breda University of Applied Sciences is hosting a series of talks in the field of virtual productions to present the latest innovations in this up-and-coming field and to discuss the advantages and challenges it brings with it. The conference is open to industry, professionals, and students in the field of Film Production, Pre and Post Vis, Volumes, Motion Capture, Special Effects, the usage of Game Technology and everything in between. The conference is a great place to meet employers and experts in the field of production, whilst also helping those who are looking for a new challenge or a change in their career. During the day there will be many networking opportunities. We have tried to create an informal setting in which it is easier to talk with your future employee or future employer.

VP-Days 2024

– 09/02/2024
VP Studio, AED Studios, Lint, Belgium
Join us on February 8 or February 9 and be at the forefront of innovation in the world of Virtual Film Production. The VP-days conference is a chance for you to come and meet industry leaders and experts and explore cutting-edge technologies reshaping the cinematic landscape. From camera tracking to real-time content creation, the dark matter that is Colour Space and shooting car plates, this conference is a comprehensive dive into the exciting world of Virtual Film Production. Discover and experience the latest advancements, engage with industry leaders, and gain invaluable insights into the complexity of creating immersive cinematic experiences in a LED volume. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring filmmaker, this conference covers a wide array of knowledge and expertise, illuminating the path towards the future of filmmaking.

FMX 2023

– 27/04/2023
Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart, Germany
Every spring, media creators share insights into the latest creative developments of their productions and present cutting-edge tools and pipelines, fascinating real time technologies and innovative business models as part of the FMX Conference program. Over the years, thousands of speakers have entered the FMX stage to share their insights into the world of animation, effects, interactive and immersive media.