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Virtual Music Experiences

In the international music industry, there has been a significant growth in experiments with new technology in recent years. For example, hybrid concerts enriched by the use of AR/VR and LED screens, immersive music on streaming platforms and in concert halls, virtual concerts in so-called ‘metaverse’ game platforms, image and sound generated by artificial intelligence, silent discos, productions on radio and TV with virtual studios or avatars, and much more. The industry is increasingly reaching out to adjacent sectors such as the gaming industry and the IT sector to join forces.

"In search for the music experiences of the future "

The international music industry has been increasingly using new technologies in recent years. This includes hybrid concerts that use AR/VR and LED screens, immersive music available on streaming platforms and at concert venues, virtual concerts in game platforms known as ‘metaverse’, as well as audio and visual content generated by artificial intelligence. In addition, there are silent discos, productions that use virtual studios or avatars for radio and TV, and much more. The industry is expanding its collaboration with adjacent sectors such as the gaming industry and IT sector. The research team considers a music experience to be “virtual” when it relies on new technology. The focus is mainly on how we will experience music in the future. How will we attend and organize concerts, play instruments, create visuals and music, and collaborate with humans and machines? Will it be physical, hybrid, phygital, digital, or a combination of these? Think of a concert in virtual reality with avatars in a digital concert hall, composing music with an interactive installation, playing instruments with augmented reality, a physical concert with 360-degree audio and video, and images and music that are dynamically generated.

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Photogrammetry research by our interns.
During her internship in our research team, Hanne Yperman, a 3th year DAE student, was tasked to experiment with scanning in a person using our photogrammetry setup and documenting the process. Along with some fellow interns, she made this video explaining her findings.


Immersive concert: WITT + Pothamus

AB Club, Brussels, Belgium
AB is building the music club of the future together with PXL-Music and DAE Research. For the WITT and Pothamus concerts, we are installing an immersive audio and video system in our AB Club for the first time. With speakers at the front, back, left, right and at the top of the room, we imitate how we naturally experience sound, namely 360°. We also explore how artists can create visuals for a live set using artificial intelligence. Together with WITT and Pothamus we are creating an exclusive show that fully explores the creative boundaries of immersive audio and video. The result is a rich and intense listening experience.

Touchdesigner meetup 2024

Amaze, Elementenstraat, Amsterdam
y=f(x) invites you to join us for the second edition of the TouchDesigner Amsterdam meetup at Amaze Step into a world of creativity and collaboration at this year’s expanded jam session! Following last year’s success, we’re thrilled to offer even more opportunities for attendees to come together and create magic. Join us as we dive into a day filled with inspiration and innovation, courtesy of Amaze Amsterdam, our gracious hosts for this gathering. Our journey begins at 1:00 PM with captivating talks by some of the brightest minds in the TouchDesigner community. Get ready for insightful presentations, including words from TouchDesigner’s founder and community manager, all in a relaxed setting designed for interaction and questions.

WebAR 101 by Niantic 8th Wall

In The Pocket, Ghent, Belgium
This is a 5-hour workshop hosted by Niantic and our partners Stijn Spanhove and In the Pocket. During the workshop – Participants will learn about the 8th Wall platform, build and customize an 8th Wall project, and meet other local developers. By the end of the workshop, you will learn how to create, customize, test and deploy your own World Effects (SLAM) sample project that looks believable and immersive in the real-world. You will also learn how to easily add modules to their project and other 8th Wall features such as Shared AR Multiplayer, Payments API, and more.